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Serving Southwest Florida’s Children Since 1967

Child Care of Southwest Florida has been serving children, families, and child care professionals since 1967. Today, our nonprofit organization has over 100 employees serving 400+ children per year at five different child care centers. In addition to providing the highest quality child care at these Gold Seal centers, we also:
  • PROVIDE family-centered child care that prepares children for success in school and in life
  • EMPLOY child care professionals who are trained to provide the highest level of care
  • HELP Family Child Care Homes and child care centers throughout Florida with training, guidance, and financial reimbursement for the healthy meals they serve

See How We Are Making a Difference

To learn more about the impact we’re making, check out our most recent Annual Report.

The Building Blocks of Our Success

To set the next generation up for success, it takes the collaboration of dedicated professionals, sophisticated leadership and a community that cares. Our team, board of directors, partners, and sponsors are working together to advocate for children and their families every day.
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Two cute girls interact during an educational lesson at Child Care of Southwest Florida.

The Child Care of Southwest Florida Mission

Our goal is to strengthen and enhance the lives of children, as well as their families. We believe every child deserves to thrive in an environment where learning meets their own speed and direction. Children who attend our centers learn true values and how each part of their lives is interconnected through learning, eating, environment, and family.

If you share our passion for helping children and families, we invite you to partner with us!

Smiling girl plays with building blocks at one of Child Care of Southwest Florida’s five affordable early childhood learning centers.
Smiling young male student looks happy as he plays outdoors.
Smiling blond-haired girl smiles while playing outdoors at one of Child Care of Southwest Florida’s five affordable early childhood learning centers.
A young Caucasian boy in white jersey with khaki pants plays with sandbox and shovel.