Help Us Rebuild

The Building Blocks to a Bright Future

At Child Care of Southwest Florida, this year has been filled with childhood learning, play and, most importantly, smiles. It has also been challenging with rising costs and recovery after Hurricane Ian. We are grateful and proud of our team, volunteers, Board of Directors and community partners for their quick response and aid in helping us quickly reopen our education centers after the storm. However, there is still work left to do.

Since 1967, Child Care of Southwest Florida has been committed to serving our community’s children and families by delivering exceptional early childhood education and enriching professional development for eager young minds. That mission remains steadfast and true today. All five of our learning centers provide a high-quality preschool learning experience for infants to children five years of age. While our centers are open to our students, we have damages that still need repair and equipment that needs to be replaced.

Give Now for a Lifetime of Impact

The gift you give today can have long-lasting impacts for us all. Education and economic experts agree that an exceptional early childhood education helps students stay in school, graduate, attend college and get competitive jobs. Additionally, our learning centers provide affordable child care that enables parents to work and provide for their families. All of which impact the positive economic development and growth of our community. With your generous donation, we can enhance the lives of children and their families by:

  • Repairing and improving playgrounds
  • Rehabilitating our learning centers
  • Providing classroom supplies and educational materials
  • Granting scholarship assistance
  • And so much more!

Your gift helps prepare children with the values, academic foundation and social skills they need to thrive. Your contribution provides a safe and structured environment for our students. Your donation serves the workforce of today while investing in the workforce of tomorrow.

A total of 20 children split into 3 rows pose for their end-of-year school photo with big, beaming smiles
two children reading books at literacy parade
This proud young graduate proudly holds up his graduation diploma from Child Care of Southwest Florida

The High Cost of Going Without Early Learning

Did you know children in low-income households hear 30 million fewer words by age 3 than children in more affluent households? And during the first five years of life, a child’s brain develops by 90%. These are critical formative years!

Not having enough scholarships means some children will go without the early learning support they need and deserve. They could begin their life at a severe disadvantage. If a child does not receive high quality, early childhood education, they are:


more likely
to drop out
of school


more likely to
become a teen


more likely to be
placed in special


more likely to
never attend


more likely to
be arrested for a
violent crime